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In accordance with the regulations in force resulting from the transposition of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID Directive), Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 231/2013 of the Commission of 19 December 2012, and the AMF General Regulation, Supernova Invest establishes and maintains a conflict of interest management policy and implements specific provisions in terms of organization (means and procedures) and controls in order to prevent, identify, and manage conflicts of interest that may affect the interests of its customers.
A conflict of interest is defined as a situation that implies having to choose:
– between the interests of the management company and the persons concerned on the one hand, and the customer’s interests on the other;
– between the interests of one customer and the interests of another customer.
Prevention system
The prevention of conflicts of interest involves raising awareness among all Supernova Invest staff of internal and market-wide rules and codes of conduct, as well as the implementation of strict procedures with a compliance and internal control system, the manager of which is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules and procedures.
Compliance system:
Supernova Invest has a code of ethics that its employees must follow. It is intended to ensure compliance with the principles relating to the primacy of customers’ interests and the prevention of conflicts of interest. Each employee is required to behave honestly and act fairly in the interests of customers while respecting the integrity, transparency, and security of the market.
Supernova Invest has set up a framework for personal transactions, external functions or mandates, external equity interests, and gifts and benefits received or offered.
Compensation management system:
Supernova Invest has set up a system for identifying and classifying the benefits and remuneration it receives and pays to ensure compliance with the applicable provisions.
Supernova Invest has also established a remuneration policy for its employees in accordance with the common requirements of the AFG, France Invest (formerly AFIC), and the ASPIM on remuneration policies within management companies.
Identification of conflicts of interest:
An annual review of activities is carried out in order to detect conflicts of interest likely to harm the interests of customers by formalizing a conflicts of interest risk map. This map specifies the types of activities for which a conflict of interest is likely to occur and lists the mechanisms and procedures put in place to prevent any risk of such a conflict.
Management of conflicts of interest:
In accordance with the regulations, the RCCI maintains and updates a register containing, as necessary, the types of investment services or related services or other activities carried out by Supernova Invest or on its behalf for which a conflict of interest has occurred. A note explaining the context and how the conflict was managed is systematically drafted.
Finally, in the event that Supernova Invest finds that the measures implemented are insufficient to ensure, with reasonable certainty, that the risk of harming the interests of customers can be avoided, the company will inform the customers concerned in writing of the nature of the conflict or its source so that they can make an informed decision.


Complaints may be sent to any Supernova Invest employee by:
– A written letter to the following address: Supernova Invest, 9 rue Duphot, 75001 Paris.
– An e-mail to the following address: or specifying the term “Complaint(s)” in the subject-matter of the e-mail.
– A telephone call to the head office (01 86 64 01 85), it being specified that written confirmation by e-mail or letter is necessary for the complaint to be handled methodically.
The RCCI will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the customer within 10 working days of receipt. In coordination with the Chairman or Chief Executive Officer, the RCCI responds to this complaint within a maximum of two months from the date of receipt unless there are specific and duly justified circumstances. Only executives have the authority to sign the response letter to this complaint.
Given its size, the Management Company does not itself have an internal mediation service. However, the matter may be referred to the AMF Ombudsman to resolve a dispute amicably in order to avoid legal proceedings. The mediator can be contacted by the customer in two ways:
– Log on to the AMF’s website at the following address: , go to the link indicated at the bottom of the screen entitled “The AMF Ombudsman,” select the tab “The Ombudsman, guide,” choose “Contact the Ombudsman,” and complete the ” Mediation request form.”
– Contact the AMF Ombudsman by mail at the following address: Le Médiateur, Autorité des marchés financiers, 17 place de la bourse, 75082 Paris Cedex 02
The AMF mediation charter is available on the website: in the “AMF Ombudsman” area.