TERRIAL, a subsidiary of AVRIL Group and SUEZ that is the French leader in organic fertilization, has signed an exclusive partnership with AFYREN NEOXY, a joint venture of AFYREN and Bpifrance, for the supply of potassium, one of the major elements of fertilization

An innovative production process
Based on a low-carbon and circular bioeconomy approach, AFYREN’s technology is innovative and environmentally friendly. AFYREN specializes in the production of completely biobased organic acids for industry, and is getting value from the potassium-rich co-product of this production. It is a remarkable alternative to the synthetic or extraction-based production of potassium.

The potassic co-product will be obtained by a natural fermentation technique using sugar beet co-products. Certified for organic farming and of premium quality, it will be delivered in powder form to TERRIAL, which will then incorporate it into its various mixtures and formattings. “We are very pleased about this long-term partnership with a local player leader in organic fertilization,” said Nicolas SORDET, President of AFYREN. “This is an important step in consolidating our circular economy approach by ensuring a local outlet and a robust supply chain for this valuable resource.”

Zero waste, circular economy
“This partnership is perfectly consistent with TERRIAL’s positioning,” said Ollivier PEAN, Managing Director of TERRIAL, “providing sustainable fertilization solutions through the use of quality, traceable bioresources produced in France.”
Today France has few sources of this type of potassium available and must import about 80,000 tons per year. “Our alliance with AFYREN guarantees our independence and secures an essential supply for French agriculture,” PEAN added.
As a major player in the circular economy for 25 years, TERRIAL is committed to developing partnerships to diversify and secure its supplies of bioresources in France. “TERRIAL’s purpose is to limit the carbon footprint,” PEAN said. “By valorizing organic co-products, we not only participate in this objective, but we are also giving value to bio-waste, thus responding to environmental, economic and societal issues of sustainable development.”

Organic agriculture
The potassium source produced by AFYREN is very low in chloride. It is also certified for use in Organic Agriculture certification, which is not the case for all sources of potassium. This Organic Agriculture label is important for TERRIAL, whose vocation is to develop tailor-made products to meet the various demands and specifications required by French agriculture.

Increasing quantities
The TERRIAL/AFYREN partnership involves a significant annual delivery with a gradual increase in production over 2022 and 2023. From the next growing season, TERRIAL will market new products containing the potassium supplied by AFYREN. These products will enrich the company’s range with innovative formulations for vegetable growing, vineyards, arboriculture and field crops.

This partnership is a perfect illustration of AFYREN and TERRIAL’s commitment to the development of more sustainable production.

A specialist in fertilization from organic co-products since 1996, TERRIAL develops effective fertilization and soil conditioning solutions for agriculture that respect the vitality of the soil. TERRIAL uses livestock effluents, composts and organic residues of agricultural or industrial origin, and is therefore part of a circular economy approach to help farmers limit their use of chemical inputs and support the development of agroecology. In 2019, SUEZ acquired a stake in TERRIAL, giving it exclusive rights to market the fertilizing materials produced on SUEZ platforms, enabling TERRIAL to expand its range and consolidate its presence on French territory. In 2020, TERRIAL generated revenue of 40 million euros and recovered more than 800,000 tons of organic co-products.

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To meet a growing need among industries to reduce the use of petroleum derivatives in their production chain, AFYREN makes biomolecules derived from the reuse of non-food biomass. These ingredients are widely used in human and animal nutrition, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, and fine chemicals. This production of renewable carbon, which is firmly grounded in the circular economy, uses fermentation technologies that are the result of 10 years of research and are patented worldwide. AFYREN has 40 employees at its sites in Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Carling – Saint Avold. It was included in the French Tech 120 in 2020 and 2021. In 2018, AFYREN committed to its industrial project by creating the AFYREN NEOXY joint venture with Bpifrance’s SPI fund. The AFYREN NEOXY plant under construction in the Grand Est region will produce AFYREN organic acids in 2022.

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