A budget of 1.8 billion euros has been allocated to the quantum plan launched by Emmanuel Macron on Thursday 21st of January 2021. The development of quantum technology and its associated capabilities has major strategic and economic stakes as it constitutes the next great revolution of our century and the guarantee of our national sovereignty.

The launch of this plan follows the presentation of the report by Paula Forteza “Quantum technologies, the technology revolution that France will not miss on the 9th  of January 2020 at the Elysée. In particular, it put forward 37 proposals to build an ambitious national strategy around quantum, including the creation of Quantum Hubs, to support about fifty quantum startups until 2024, and the emergence of a trusted “late-stage” investment fund endowed with €300 to €500M.

Mainly focused on training and research, this plan will also be aimed at cutting-edge startups specializing in the quantum field, which will be able to benefit from significant funding.

The launch of this plan is a very good news and opens up ambitious prospects for the development of breakthrough innovation and the accelerated growth of technological startups in sectors as strategic as IT, health, energy and the environment.