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Our DNA : technology,
independence, commitment


Supernova Invest is an independent venture capital firm, specializing in investment in French innovative companies. We invest in tomorrow’s leaders : start-up companies with outstanding potential for developing disruptive, innovative products and services. We understand them because disruptive technology is our field of expertise. We are committed to working with them because we are entrepreneurs. We finance them because we believe in their projects.


We transform innovative start-ups into market-leading companies.

We finance start-up companies in the fields of life sciences (medical devices for the treatment of glaucoma or cataract, artificial pancreas devices for diabetes…), industry (near-eye microdisplays, obstacle detection devices, augmented reality software for industries…), energy & environment (miniaturized gas analyzers, hydrogen fuel cell systems for vehicles…), microelectronics (full body motion capture systems, chips accelerating big data applications, silicon passive components…) and digital.


We are an independent venture capital firm whose management and employees are the sole decision-makers.

While having an independent management structure, we have a unique partnership with the CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), our historical shareholder. Through this partnership, start-up companies have privileged access to the CEA’s network of experts, intellectual property and infrastructure, allowing them to reduce substantially their investment needs and development time.

We also have a unique partnership with the Credit Agricole bank, which provides well-suited banking solutions to our start-up companies. Amundi, a subsidiary of the Credit Agricole and Europe’s leading asset manager, assists us in our governance and ensures rigorous practices.


We are shareholders and active board members. We work hard on the executive boards of the start-up companies we finance. We bring our experience of innovative companies and our network of investors to the entrepreneurs we support.

Our multi-facetted skills allow us to adapt to the developmental stage of each company and to accompany it over time. We invest in start-up companies at all stages; from the seed to early-stage and late-stage rounds, primarily in France but also globally.